Titanium Update #5 — SouthPole, Roadmap and Community Pulse

Titanium Official
2 min readJun 1, 2021

Dear Titanium community! Welcome to yet another update on Titanium. Let’s dive straight into it!

Main Announcement: SouthPole!

Due to the delay in the MainChain, we have launched to get Titanium off the ground as a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. As we will swap into Mainnet later this year, we are keeping a small footprint in the BEP20 space, announcing: SouthPole! To bring stuff onto a more cheerful level, we will introduce Southpole as the largest moon of the planet Titanium, a deflationary token with lots of features, liquidity and rewards to holder. We will announce all the tokenomics and how Titanium holders can enter to win some SouthPole tokens! Join Telegram: https://t.me/SouthPoleToken

GitHub Bounty, Trading Competition & Rewards

As you are aware, our fully working mainnet code is available on Github to check out for Windows, Mac and Linux. We invite the whole community to check out our fully working code on TitaniumCore. Should there be any issues or bugs, kindly do let us know, we’ll have a reward ready for you depending on how big the contribution is: https://github.com/mytitanium
On a second note we will start our Reward Program with some community polls with an additional Trading Competition on SouthXchange.

New Roadmap!

We will release a completely new revamp of the roadmap in the days to come, since all the existing milestones have come into despair. We will have exciting stuff on there, that will involve the community as well as the development of Titanium. The milestones will include some existing features as well as some new ones, which should boost the level of interest another bit!

Mainnet Swap!

It is planned to have the full Mainnet Swap this year. Existing TTUM balances will be swapped 1:1 into TTM, eg the mainnet. On the blockchain infrastructure, we have decided that the chain will be rolled back to give it a fresh start with absolutely no premine, no reserves or similar. A definite date is yet to be announced. Release is scheduled for this year 2021.