Titanium Update #4 — Titanium (TTUM) Trading Start

Titanium (TTUM)

Dear Titanium community. We are very excited to announce the official launch of the Trading Start of Titanium (TTUM) on SouthXchange. We are overwhelmed with the huge interest and are committed to fulfil the vision of becoming the first Quantum Proof blockchain. We will make sure that an appropriate countdown towards the Trading Start will be available on Telegram, Discord and Twitter. The date for the official Trading Start will be:

Register now at: https://main.southxchange.com/Account/Register

The advantages of BEP20 clearly over whey. First and foremost, we can get Trading started for Titanium, which means shortly after the go live on SouthXchange, we can apply on CoinMarketCap (needs to have at least one live trading pair). Second, the long wait for the community has and end, and everybody can buy, trade and share the Titanium vision. Third, with the new BEP20 standard, the integration on future exchanges will be much easier and listing fees considerably lower. Last but not least, we can move forward with Titanium, while the team can take their time to thoroughly work on the Mainnet.



http://t.me/titaniumblocks http://www.twitter.com/titanium_org

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