Titanium Update #3 — Titanium, BEP20 and Trading Start

Titanium Official
3 min readMay 5, 2021

Dear Titanium Community. We want to thank everyone for the patience, an update wasoverdue, and everybody is eager to see Titanium trading on exchanges. With the unknown outcome and still ongoing investigation on the Mainnet fixes, we have decided to go the unconventional way that we should have done months ago. Here we go:

Titanium (TTUM) BEP20

Yes, that is correct. We are launching first on a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Since Ethereum Gas fees are crazy high, we have decided to run on BEP20 until the mining issues on our KawPoW chain is sorted. The Smart Contract has already been deployed and we are looking to open trading within the next couple of days. A date will be announced after congestion of this news shortly after! But wait, wasn’t there an Airdrop?

Airdropped tokens?

No worries, we will airdrop the new BEP20 token (TTUM) to all users who have received the initial Airdrop back in October in the same amount. You will receive the tokens you are entitled to. The main chain (TTM) however will become obsolete for now, as we will reset once all errors and bugs are fixed and swap into Mainnet when we are certain that everything works fine. The Mainnet will start at block 1 once ready. This decision has been taken by the team and be deemed as the best possible output to move forward and finally get Titanium flying.

Advantages of BEP20

The advantages clearly over whey. First and foremost, we can get Trading started for Titanium, which means shortly after the go live on SouthXchange, we can apply on CoinMarketCap (needs to have at least one live trading pair). Second, the long wait for the community has and end, and everybody can buy, trade and share the Titanium vision. Third, with the new BEP20 standard, the integration on future exchanges will be much easier and listing fees considerably lower. Last but not least, we can move forward with Titanium, while the team can take their time to thoroughly work on the Mainnet.

Nusch has left the bridge

We would like to inform everybody, that NuschNusch has left the bridge. He has decided to pursue other opportunities in the future, he will remain interested in crypto and blockchain. Nusch played a vital role in transition from Shield (XSH) into Titanium and all this would not have been possible without his help. We want to sincerely thank him for all his dedication. He will be missed dearly. May the force be with you, Nusch.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. If you do find any bugs or typos on the website or have general inputs, feel free to let us know. As a next step we will look at a first round of the Reward Program and announce a date for the trading start on SouthXchange.